Where To Find Jeeps For Cheap

With a simple online search, you can find great deals on Jeeps, including the Grand Cherokee, for dirt cheap. Some local dealerships are offering huge discounts on purchases and leases, contact them today to get your hands on a brand new Jeep for as low as $22,495!

When you think of cars that represent America, three things often come to mind. Most will either think of pickup trucks, muscle cars, or the All-American Jeep.

As popular as SUVs are now, the Jeep was essentially the progenitor of the category. Many consider the 1984 Jeep Cherokee as the first of its kind. Marketed as a “Sportswagon”, it exemplified the characteristics that we now associate with the title of Sports Utility Vehicle. In fact, its popularity is what caused every other company to spawn endless copycats. This is partially why there are so many different SUVs today.

With a rich history of off-roading and a distinct, rugged image, the Jeep is definitely a fantastic choice if you are looking for an adventurous car. You could also save money by getting a used vehicle instead of brand new. Whatever the case, there are many reasons why a Jeep could be for you.

1. Lots of Choices

While the Wrangler is what most people think of when it comes to a Jeep, there are actually many different vehicles offered by the company. No matter the situation, there’s a Jeep that fit your wants and needs.

Have a family to lug around? The Grand Cherokee has plenty of room to cram all the kids and some of their friends in the back. Want something on the other end of the spectrum that’s small and nimble? Try the compact Renegade instead. With so many styles of vehicles available, there’s sure to be a perfect Jeep for you.

Truthfully, even just the Wrangler by itself can bring many different things to the table. Thanks to its design, you can modify it for different tastes or situations. Need extra storage? The rear seats can be popped out easily. Want to feel the wind while you’re driving? The top can be dropped or you can remove the roof entirely. Even the doors come off for a truly unique experience while off-roading.

2. Great Handling

While a car with such a rough and tumble image might seem like something hard to drive, that can’t be further from the truth. Many drivers all agree that Jeeps handle very well, which makes them easy vehicles to zip around in. Most cars offered by the company have a tight turning radius, so you’ll be able to squeeze into narrow parking spots while driving around the city.

The engine that comes standard with certain Jeeps is a 3.6-liter V6 that can handle most tasks. Whether you’re cruising down the highway or chewing through offroad terrain, there’s plenty of power to spare.

3. Off-Road Extras

Of course, everybody already knows how good Jeeps are to drive off the beaten path. It’s the first thing almost everyone imagines when thinking of the brand. On top of how well they handle off-road, there are many different extras to help forge your next adventure.

Skid plates will protect the undercarriage of your vehicle, and also help with water fording. Jeep also offers a factory-installed lift kit on certain models if you don’t want to go third-party. Durable tires and tow hooks are some of the other options.

When looking at different Jeeps, examine which models have these features. All Wranglers and Gladiators are certified to be trail ready, while others like the Grand Cherokee, Compass, and Renegade have trim levels to make them Trail Rated.

4. Handles Inclement Weather

If you don’t plan on doing any off-roading, that’s ok. You’ll still be able to take advantage of Jeep’s brand of toughness with how well they handle bad weather. No matter where you live, your new vehicle will help you blaze through the forces of nature.

The Wrangler and Grand Cherokee both come with four-wheel drive as standard, which is fantastic for gripping slick surfaces. Through snowstorms or downpours, Jeeps were built for tackling this kind of abuse. Don’t let unexpected (or expected) weather events slow you down.

5. Great Bang for the Buck

Thanks to all of the different options, you are sure to find something that will match any budget. Even if you tack on many of the extras that are mentioned above, you’ll find that a well-kitted Jeep will still cost under $40,000.

The durability and endurance of Jeeps can’t be understated here. With how long they last, your investment will carry you longer than other choices. That’s partially thanks to the fact that they are made in the United States of America, and always focus heavily on quality control.

Whatever model you settle on, you can rest assured that it will be your companion for many adventures to come. The only hard decision will be finding which Jeep is perfectly tailored for your specific needs.

Top 2023 Jeeps Available

Jeep Wrangler || Compact & Mid-Size SUV || Starts at around $29,725

The Wrangler is the icon when it comes to Jeeps. No matter how you kit this vehicle, people will be able to recognize it at a glance. Thanks to a myriad of roof and size configs, it’ll also feel unique while blasting over all sorts of rough terrain.

Jeep Grand Cherokee || Mid-Size SUV || Starts at around $37,785

While there’s a bit of a price jump here, you get a lot more vehicle for your money. There’s also a sense of finesse and luxury despite the off-road capabilities. This makes it a fitting vehicle no matter where you are, from the trails to a quick grocery run with the family.

Jeep Renegade || Subcompact Crossover SUV || Starts at around $22,495

Don’t let the smaller size fool you. There’s a surprising amount of room inside the subcompact Renegade, and it doesn’t give up off-roading ability to achieve it. With the Trailhawk trim, you won’t find another vehicle this small that can go off the beaten path so effortlessly.

Jeep Compass || Compact Crossover SUV || Starts at around $24,995

If you don’t want something as small as the Renegade, the Compass is the next step up. Although the base model only has FWD, you can get all-wheel drive as an option across all trims. There’s also a bevy of tech goodies to appease the inner nerd in all of us.


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