What Is Skinny Fat?

Skinny fat sounds like a contradiction. After all, how can someone be skinny and fat at the same time? It may sound like a perplexing ordeal – but skinny fat does exist.

Skinny fat is a term used to describe people who appear to be skinny, slim, or thin but they are actually carrying a high percentage of body fat and a low amount of muscle mass.

Remember, it’s the muscle mass to body fat ratio that defines the aesthetics of your physique. A tip in the scale one way or another can completely change how you look.


Think of it as more of a pudgy appearance. Most people would not like to describe their physique as pudgy, that adjective is better suited for a cute baby or small puppy. There is a fix to being skinny fat, follow the tips below:

Cut Calories, But Not Significantly
You still need to be sure you are getting enough calories, vitamins, and nutrients in your daily diet. The reason you may be skinny fat is due to consuming more food than you need. You can fix this in the traditional method of calculating your intake and subtracting what you burn per day – shaving off 100 to 200 calories per day as a safe start. You can also do the method of switching larger bowls out for smaller ones, ordering an appetizer rather than a full meal, and swapping out large drink sizes for small or medium.

The key is to feel satisfied with your food intake, not full and bursting!

Individuals with higher muscle mass have a lower risk of heart disease. Don’t focus on losing weight, focus on exercising regularly. Lift weights at a moderate rate. Body weight exercises and strength training can greatly reduce your overall fat percentage.

Don’t Pass On Protein
Protein packed foods are so important for fighting the flab. Skinny fat is usually the cause of excess sugar, fatty foods, and lack of a balanced diet – particularly, the exclusion of protein. Don’t neglect your protein intake. Aim to get 1 gram of protein per lb of body weight.