Tips To Create Solid Habits

Procrastination is one of the biggest killers of your personal potential and purpose. Procrastination can cause your dreams to remain dreams and never manifest into reality. The word procrastination is derived from Latin and its meaning is “forward tomorrow.” If you procrastinate you are not living in the present moment, you are delaying what can be done today for tomorrow. Be real with yourself, how often do you put something off for later and find that it doesn’t get done until many days later or never done at all. It’s the greatest delusion to believe you can only act when you are feeling highly inspired or motivated. The most successful individuals create solid habits that they follow one day after the other. Seize the moment, it will never arise again!

Intrinsic motivation
The modern school system has trained individuals to seek extrinsic reward. If you complete your homework and do well, you get a gold sticker. There’s a grading scale used to measure and reflect the student’s performance. For years we have done tasks and assignments to meet deadlines and goals created outside of ourselves.

Intrinsic motivation simply means to find a self-serving motive in every action you need to do. Each person has their own unique and individualistic set of desires and talents. Finding a way to fulfill these motives in every action you do is key. There is always a way. For example, if you dislike the nature of your sales job but you enjoy making money, create metrics around what monetary goals you wish to achieve and work towards them. Another example, you love to participate in sports because you enjoy physical activity but you don’t care for the awards or notoriety.

Intrinsic motivation is extremely important because there will be moments in your life where there will be no outside force telling you what to do or expecting something of you – bosses, teachers, or parents. Your own voice should guide you towards your personal victories.

Be Specific
Too many options will lead to no action at all. Keep it simple by making your goals specific. Once you create that goal stick to it, don’t waver. Get an agenda or a calendar where you can write out your goals and specific actions.

Set a specific starting time for your daily activities create a system or a routine you can easily copy and you don’t have to think too much about. You may not get the order or flow right at first, but you can learn and reiterate until you perfect it to fit yourself.