Tips From The Healthiest Diet Of The World

In the Western world where processed, junk, and fast foods are more prevalent and available than a nutritious home cooked meal, disease and obesity have run rampant. Although the West may lead the world in many aspects, it is no champion of health and fitness. Have you ever wondered what parts of the world live the longest? Or what elders are still up and active? There are many reasons to remain healthy throughout your life. You will do yourself a great service by protecting and nurturing your mental, physical, and emotional health though the years. You only get one body, so we can learn a few things from the better examples that exist in the world!

Nutritional experts and medical personnel have boasted about the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. It has been labeled as one of the healthiest diets in the world. Here are a few tips and methods to incorporate into your lifestyle from the Mediterranean diet:

1. Olive Oil
Mediterranean natives love to cook with olive oil and add it to their dishes. Olive oil adds richness and flavor to any meal. It’s an excellent source of healthy fat. It also contains a large number of antioxidants. Try to add olive oil to your salads, whole grain pasta, and other dishes!

2. Nuts
Nuts provide your body with fat, protein, and fiber. For such a little package, they pack a big punch! They’re packed with minerals and vitamins that are beneficial for your overall health. Incorporate a handful of nuts into your diet per day.

3. Veggies
Rather than snack on junk or processed food. Start snacking on veggies throughout the day. Rather than a bag of chips, grab some carrots and dip. You will see an improvement in your body composition and complexion if you simply start incorporating more veggies in your day.

4. Eat Slowly
How many moments can you recall in which you had to grab a meal on the go or scarf your food down because you were in a rush? You’re not the only one! Your schedule may require you to juggle between relationships, work, responsibilities, and personal pursuits. Make it a priority to take a deep breath, sit, and really appreciate and savor your food. Eating slow leads to better digestion and weight loss.