Three Exercises to Tone Your Back

A strong back is very important. It helps you achieve better form in other exercises, improves posture and helps prevent injury. The back can be a hard spot to tone, even if most exercises require at least some exertion from those muscle groups. Add these exercises to your exercise routine to tone and strengthen your back in no time.

#1: Plank + Row
Plank is one of the best moves to strengthen your core, which your back is a part of as well. By adding a row, you will really be targeting the muscle groups in your back.

How you do it: Grab two equal weights. You can use a household object like a water bottle or remote too if you don’t have access to weights. Begin in table top position and place your weights next to each hand on the floor or your mat. Push your legs back and balance in a high plank position. Grab one weight and perform a row with your right arm. Return to high plank for a moment and then repeat on the left side. Repeat the rows on either side for thirty seconds to one minute.

#2: Superman
This pose targets the whole back, as well as the arms, legs and core.

How you do it: Begin by laying face down on your mat or the floor. Stretch your arms out overhead and press the tops of your feet into the ground, making your knees lift up. On an inhale lift your arms and legs over the floor as high as is comfortable. On your exhale find a pause in the position. Inhale and lift higher, exhale and pause again. Inhale for a third time, lifting even higher and find one last pause on the exhale. Then inhale and release your arms and legs back down to the ground. Repeat five or six times.

#3: Pushup + Hold
Pushups are great to tone the arms, core and back. Adding a hold makes the move just a little more challenging and accentuates the use of the back muscles.

How you do it: There are many variations of this move, but this one is great to target the back. Begin in a high plank or pushup position. Lower down until you are about a quarter of the way to the floor. Hold for one breath, then push back up to the starting position. This time, lower halfway down to the floor and then push back up. The third time, lower almost all the way down and push yourself back up. For the fourth rep, lower your body very slowly all the way to the floor. Repeat this series of moves five to six times.