The Model Diet

What do models really eat? Have you ever wondered how they get their slim, long, and slender figure? Models travel around the world, wearing designed brands while gracing runways in foreign cities. It makes you curious what they eat in their day to day life.

Have you ever wondered why models are so skinny? Designers believe clothes look better on a skinny frame. Whether you agree or not, models are draped in designer and fawned over by fashion lovers and the average individual. Models stay fit all year, and here is how:

A Model’s Breakfast
The key to the model diet is high protein. For breakfast, a typical model could eat scrambled eggs, avocado, oatmeal, or granola and yogurt. A protein smoothie or smoothie bowl is also a go-to for many models.

A Model Lunch
When lunchtime comes around for a model, you can find a piece of fish with a salad or a piece of chicken with a salad on the side on their plate. It’s important to get the greens and the lean protein in early in the day.

Dinner Time
Dinner can be similar to lunch, a protein, and green on the side. Chicken breast and broccoli or salmon and asparagus are a great go-to. Soup is also a favorite, veggie soup or chicken noodle soup are great dinner options. For seafood lovers, sushi is popular.

Models drink a lot of water, black coffee with cream or skim milk and more water! They generally stay away from sugary sodas and juices, unless it’s all-natural.

You can’t skip over the snacks; most models are usually reaching for a bag of chips or popcorn. A model snack includes berries, nuts, peanut butter, protein shakes, hummus and veggies, and energy bars. Some of the popular fruits include grapefruit and apples.