The History Of Fast Food

Fast food – it’s fast, greasy, and delectable to many people all around the world. By definition – fast food is any food that can be mass-produced for efficiency and cost-savings. A strong emphasis is placed on the rapidity of the foodservice, hence the word fast. Some of the most infamous fast-food chains are McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, Burger King, In & Out, Whataburger, and the list goes on.

In the enterprising American frontier, the first fast-food chain popped up in the 1920s by White Castle. The infamous McDonalds popped up in the 1950s. Fast food has come a very long way.

A typical fast-food menu can contain items like burgers, sandwiches, fries, and maybe salads if you get lucky. Usually, the food items are high in excess calories and sodium, which could lead to a rapid extension of your pants size. The extra weight from fast food can lead to high blood pressure.

Research studies prove that individuals who frequent fast-food joints for their meals have a higher body mass index. It can even cause those individuals to have a very hard time with successful weight loss, weight gain, and maintenance. In short, fast-food can have a way of ruining your desired results if you typically boomerang back to these meals as a quick and easy source of food.

Most fast-food chains are not transparent with their nutritional information, oftentimes they have misleading information and false advertising. Children have been consuming an excessive amount of fast food in Western society. Children’s consumption of fast food can result in 6 extra pounds per year per child, which can increase the risk of obesity. The increase of fast-food consumption has increased dramatically in the past four decades, this could be because of increased pressures in this economic climate where quick and affordable food is seen as the best option due to schedule and financial constraints.

In summary, fast-food in itself is not bad a couple of times a week. If it is a daily meal replacement that is not a good sign. It is actually cheaper to eat at home, preparation does take time but consider what you are gaining. Memories in the kitchen with your family, cost savings, a healthy and notorious meal are all benefits of eating from home. Fast-food in itself is not the enemy, it’s the frequency in which we consume it.