The French Diet

The Eiffel tower, romantic language, and picturesque cafes overwhelm our imagination when the mention of France comes up. What about their food?

Do you wonder what baguettes and rich wines the average Frenchmen or French women are indulging in?

The French, as a whole, notoriously stay on the slender side, a huge juxtaposition for us in the West.

Contrary to the year of 1789, the year Marie Antoinette disreputably sniffled “Qu’ils mangent de la brioche” – “Let them eat cake.” The French masses are not eating cake.

Some of the staples of the French diet include full-fat cheese, butter, yogurt, fresh fruits, bread, and vegetables. We can’t leave out dark chocolate and wine. France is famous for its baguettes, cheese, crepes, and truffles.

Tips From The French:
– Walk every day
– Slow down your meals
– Cut down your portions
– Eat until you’re not hungry, rather than full
– Save dessert for certain days

Stop By Your Local Market
The French love fresh food, especially produce such as fruits and vegetables. They have open outdoor markets that are local to each area. Fruits and vegetables are served to the community from local sources. Fresh fruit equals optimal vitamins and nutrients.

Spend Time Outside
France is a very walkable country. It is easy for the average French man or woman to walk to their destinations rather than drive. Make it a habit to park further away from your destination and incorporate walking in small bursts throughout your day. It’s an excellent way to clear your mind and get exercise in.

More Is Not Better
It’s understandable if you like to indulge in a rich piece of chocolate cake or a French fry. It’s important to consider how much you are eating. Many individuals eat until they feel ill or uncomfortable such as experiencing bloating and abdominal cramps. Shift your mindset and habit to only eat until you are 80% satisfied. You don’t want to necessary feel “full,” but rather, satisfied.