The Best Senior Cell Phone Plans

If you have been looking around for a senior phone plan, read below for a list of the very best. That way, you can be sure to get the best service for the best price.

The stereotype of yesteryear is that older people don’t like using new technology. However, that is slowly becoming less and less true for smartphones. From making calls from anywhere to browsing the internet, they have become an essential part of everyone’s lives. More importantly, that gives a senior citizen a constant way to contact someone in a sudden emergency.

However, anyone who has tried to purchase a phone will know you can’t just go down to a store and pick one out. Not only are some of the newest phones very expensive, but service can get quite costly as well. When you have a fixed income, finding value and savings becomes more important than ever.

Of course, budget doesn’t have to mean going with the simplest option. Many companies are now producing both phones and plans for seniors. That means plenty of choices for whatever you are looking for in a phone plan. The following list has five of the best that you’ll definitely want to consider.

Sprint Unlimited 55+

Cost: $30 activation fee, then $35 a month per line

As the name might imply, this offering by Sprint is all about unlimited everything. If you are a new customer, you can sign up for the following benefits:
• Unlimited calling, text messages, and data usage.
• Covers international roaming, messaging, and data in over 200 places.
• High quality video streaming.
• Unlimited use of the hotspot feature.

• Works with existing phones, or you can buy a new one.
• Sprint has a large selection of phones if you do want a new device.
• Unlimited covers calls, messages, and the internet.
• Compared to other unlimited services, it is extremely affordable.

Lively Talk and Text Plan

Cost: Value Talk and Text is $14.99 a month, which lets you choose how many messages and data you want to pay for. Unlimited talk and text is $19.99 a month. In addition, the service has two phones, which are the Jitterbug Smart3 and the Jitterbug Flip2. Finally, there are different packages for extra services specifically for the elderly from $19.99 to $34.99 a month.

Lively simplifies things by having only two phones. The Jitterbug Smart3 has far more features, while the Flip2 is no-frills flip phone that is easy to use. They also have two phone plans to choose from, and then several other services that include medical response and emergency response.

• 300 minutes and 10¢ per text for Value.
• Unlimited minutes and texts for Unlimited.
• Data plans for the Smart3 from $2.49 for 100MB a month to $30 for unlimited usage.
• Service Packages for personal and medical assistance.

• Because there isn’t a contact, you can change your plan or cancel your service.
• Don’t have to change your number.
• Different packages for any budget.
• Specifically designed phones that are easier for seniors to use.
• Phones have an emergency response button.
• Urgent Response is included with all Health & Safety packages.

Republic Wireless Unlimited Talk and Text

Cost: Plans start at $15 a month, or $150 a year.

While not explicitly a service for seniors, Republic Wireless still represents a tremendous option that can save a lot of money. The plans are easy to understand, and at a very competitive price point.

• Unlimited minutes and messages with all packages.
• A two-week money-back guarantee.
• 4G coverage, and they are working on 5G for the future.

• You can bring your old phone, or buy one of theirs.
• Option for either monthly or yearly contracts.
• Yearly contracts are cheaper.
• Data packages are optional, so you don’t pay for it if you don’t need it.

T-Mobile Essentials and Magenta 55+

Cost: Essentials 55+ is $27.50 a month, Magenta 55+ is $35.00 a month, and Magenta MAX 55+ is $45.00 a month.

One of the cheapest unlimited options around, the Essentials 55+ starts you off at unlimited. If you need further features, you can upgrade to Magenta 55+ or Magenta MAX 55+

• All three plans have unlimited minutes, messages, and data.
• All three plans include 5g access.
• Unlimited texting in 210+ countries.
• Magenta plans have unlimited data in 210+ countries.
• Unlimited talk, text, and data in Mexico & Canada
• Free mobile hotspot usage.

• No annual contract to sign for more flexibility.
• Unlimited means you won’t have to keep track of your phone usage or pay overages.
• The cheapest plan on this list to include unlimited data.
• Magenta plans provide Netflix access and in-flight Wi-Fi on Gogo-enabled flights.

Consumer Cellular Talk, Text & Data

Cost: Talk only plan starts at $15 a month, with unlimited talk & text starting at $25 a month

Like Lively, Consumer Cellular is a provider that caters directly to people older than 50. There are also many options to choose from, which are listed below.

• Either 250 minutes a month or unlimited.
• You can have data with any minutes package you choose.
• Data starts from 250 MB all the way to unlimited.

• No contracts at all, so you pay month-to-month.
• Special benefits for AARP members.
• No hidden or extra fees.
• 100% US-based, including customer service.
• Bring your own phone, or select anything from a flip phone to newer smartphones.
• Referral rewards for credit.

Selecting the Right Senior Cell Phone Plan

What might be appealing to the tech-savvy youth of today could be confusing or not very useful for seniors. You won’t run into this problem when going with providers or plans that are designed specifically for the elderly. That way, you don’t waste money on features that they don’t actually want.

Ultimately, that means saving money. As mentioned before, people on a fixed-income shouldn’t pay for features they don’t require.

Saving money on expenses wherever you can means more funds on services you need. That way, you can lead a more fulfilling life while still having the important things, like staying in contact with family.

The most important takeaway is to look online for all of your options and deals. Promotions are always changing every day, helping you keep even more of your hard-earned cash. Many of them also have special offers for new customers to entice them to sign up.

As long as you look online and compare all of your options, you are sure to find the perfect fit. With that knowledge, you can get the exact cell phone plan you need for a fantastic price.


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