Learn How to Get Paid on Social Media

Interested in learning how to get paid while using social media? Millions of people are living the dream and working from home while getting paid to post on social media platforms. It can be easier and faster than you think to get started.

If you’re already passionate about social media, why not get paid for it? With the right tools, you can open the door to a whole new world of possibilities. Here are some ways you can get start getting paid on social media.

SEO Specialists.
Many people use search engines every day for a myriad of reasons, like what headphones are best or what to get for dinner. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists understand how to increase the visibility of websites so that they pop up during these searches. With the public turning to the internet for recommendations more and more, it’s incredibly important for businesses to take advantage of SEO.

Content Manager
Content is not only the basis of marketing, but it’s the core of finding any success on the internet. As such, having personnel who excel at content management is extremely crucial. Managers are who point the writing or creators in the right direction. What use are videos or articles if people don’t find them engaging? This is a position that needs to understand how to best deliver content to the target audience.

User Experience Designer
While content is what you want served to customers, the user experience is how that content will be framed. This includes the user interface and everything else a potential client will experience. You want your website or service to be accessible and intuitive to use. This will make it all the more desirable, which is an ideal endgame for marketing.

Email Marketing Specialist
Billions of people all over the world use email, and a large majority of Americans have an account. This means a big focus on email marketing and people who know their way around it. Specialists have to create email campaigns, follow up on them, analyze the results afterwards, as well as many other responsibilities.

Digital Project Manager
There are many strategies that digital marketing can take, and it’s up to a project manager to select which ones to employ as well as overseeing marketing campaigns. For these kinds of jobs, it’s important to know how every cog in the machine works and how to pull everything together.

Virtual Reality Marketing Developers
The popularity of virtual reality has exploded in the last few years, which has caused a growth in virtual reality marketing. It’s a newer advertising medium that has the attention of people worldwide. Some of the biggest brands in the world have already dipped their toes in, and now other companies are following suit.

Digital Marketing Schools
Thankfully, there are plenty of places that offer online degrees for digital marketing. This way, you can start building your future without having to significantly disrupt your current life by moving.

Arizona State University

Arizona State University in Temple is not only a fantastic place to get a digital marketing degree, but you can also do so online. In addition, it is considered one of the best places to get an online bachelor’s degree.

Southern New Hampshire University

One of the fastest-growing colleges for online degrees, SHNU currently boasts around 135,000 students all across the world. They’ve also won awards for their online degree programs, which includes a degree in digital marketing.

Purdue University Global

As a regionally accredited institution, Purdue University Global is definitely one of the more prestigious online schools to get a digital marketing degree. They also offer a micro-credential in Digital and Social Media Management.

Capella University

Capella University is a school that is recognized and respected by many employers. Taking marketing classes here will construct a solid foundation that you will be able to build a future career on.

These are just four of the schools that you can attend online, but there are many others. Some of the programs you should look into for digital marketing are Santa Clara University, University of Connecticut, Sacred Heart University, and Georgetown University.

Digital Marketers Salaries
Your expected initial salary actually depends on the kind of position you take. Here are some examples:

• SEO Specialist: Median Salary of around $55,000
• Email Marketing Specialist: Median Salary of around $60,000
• Content Manager: Median Salary of around $70,000
• Virtual Reality Developers: Median Salary of around $80,000
• Digital Project Manager: Median Salary of around $80,000
• User Experience Designer: Median Salary of around $90,000

The Bottom Line
As previously mentioned, digital marketing is something that is rapidly growing, so there is a need for people with these skillsets. Thanks to opportunities to train from the comfort of your home, online schools may be ideal for you. If you’ve ever thought of a career change into marketing, this is an excellent in. You can also sharpen your skills on your own through managing a personal website and growing your brand. Whatever the case, Digital Marketing might be your future.


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