Skip The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

The Popeyes chicken sandwich has taken the media and news outlets by storm. If you weren’t careful, all the rage and talk can have you driving to your nearest Popeyes to order the infamous chicken sandwich! Unfortunately, while the sandwich may satisfy your taste buds – it will do more harm than good for your body and mind. Save your money, time, and health. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t eat the Popeyes Chicken Sandwich:

1. Fried Chicken
Fried chicken is extremely unhealthy. It is packed with sodium, fat, and empty calories. According to, eating fried chicken can increase your rate of heart related death by 12%. Nutritional studies have linked fried foods to health problems like heart disease and diabetes. Fried foods from fast food chains are even worse because they fry their food in hydrogenated oils. Hydrogenated vegetable oils can harm your heart health. They increase your levels of bad cholesterol and decrease your levels of good cholesterol.

2. Sodium
Too much sodium in your diet can lead to many detrimental risks. It can increase your blood pressure and put you at a higher risk of heart failure and stroke. Too much sodium can leave you looking bloated and fatigued. Nutritional experts recommend you not to exceed 1,500 mg of sodium per day.

3. Empty calories
Empty calories are calories derived from food containing little to no nutrients. The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich would be classified as empty calories. You are ingesting food, but with no benefit! The sandwich features a slab of fried chicken, pickles, mayonnaise, and brioche bun. These are not the best sources of protein, fiber, or healthy fats you need in your daily diet.

If you really want to go to Popeyes, you can on occasion. There are healthier options to choose from such as:
– Naked tenders
– Naked chicken wrap
– Baguette
– Red beans & rice