Save A Ton Of Money By Upgrading Your Washer

The washer and dryer industry is one that is constantly innovating and coming up with new features that make the appliances more energy efficient and wallet-friendly. Because of this, upgrading from older machines will likely save you a lot of money, which often times cover the cost of the new machines within the first year.

The savings can be pretty large if you haven’t bought a new washer or dryer in about a decade. Not only will you be able to cut back on energy bills, but you’ll also potentially avoid costly repairs. Nobody likes the surprise of suddenly losing your washer if it breaks down on you.

Of course, you’ll only be able to save money if you do your research ahead of time. Knowing which appliances are the most energy-efficient doesn’t take too much work, and will shave chunks off your monthly bill.

Research has shown that the newest models are around 50% more energy efficient, and use significantly less water per load. Think about how often you do laundry, and how much those savings can really add up over time.

Loading Type

In order to be completely informed though, we have to start at the beginning to see which type of washer and dryer is best for your needs.

Top-loading machines are generally easier to maintain and easier to cram into smaller rooms since the door isn’t in the front. Meanwhile, front loading washers tend to be more efficient at washing. If you are lacking in horizontal space but not vertical, you could invest in stacking units to save on floor area.


One important thing to look for ahead of time is how much capacity you need in your washer. If you get a unit that is too small, you’ll have to run multiple loads until you’re finished with cleaning day. Instead of doing that, it’s smarter to just get a model with a larger drum to prevent extra work. That way, you aren’t constantly lugging baskets to and from the laundry room.

Less loads will save a lot of time, especially if you have a big family. That will free up a larger portion of your day, and also mean less time churning through energy and water. Who doesn’t love saving time and money at the same time?

Cleaning Power

Of course, what use is a laundry machine if it isn’t getting out stains? A newer feature that you might want to look into is steam cleaning. Manufacturers tout this tech to be excellent at removing heavy stains and soiling. If someone in your household has serious allergy problems, steam is also excellent at neutralizing allergens.

Even the motion of the drum can make a huge difference in how your clothes come out. Older units tend to have a single motion throughout the washing process. In comparison, newer machines go through different washing motions to get a deeper clean.

Smart Appliances for Smart Homes

More and more people are starting to see the benefits of having smart appliances in the home. While many used to scoff and joke at the notion of having WiFi-enabled appliances, the tech has definitely come a long way.

With app-enabled washers, you’ll be able to check in on progress or even start a cycle from anywhere you are. All you need is your smartphone, and you can make those things happen. In addition, having notifications and reminders is quite a boon for those of us who tend to be forgetful. How many times have you left wet clothes in the laundry by mistake?

Dryers with Moisture Sensors

Older dryers may not have moisture sensors, which is something most modern units come equipped with. Instead of relying on pre-set times, moisture sensors allow a dryer to run just as long as it needs to. Once it detects that your clothes are sufficiently dried, it will shut itself off.

This is advantageous to both your wallet and your clothes. Dryers can and will cause damage to fabrics, even if you don’t notice it at first. On top of that, using them too much can cause shrinkage and color fading. With these newer models, you can lessen the effects of wear and tear on your favorite outfits.

Energy and Time Efficiency

Energy savings is one of the more obvious benefits of upgrading to a new washer, but the term “efficiency” doesn’t stop there. Being able to save on your precious time shouldn’t be ignored, and lots of new features help you accomplish that. Much like moisture sensors in dryers, washing machines can detect exactly how much water needs to be used. This cuts down on overall runtime, so you can get everything into the dryer as soon as possible. If you need to wash a few things quickly before going out, fast wash cycles can also save your night. You’ll be able to get your favorite outfit ready in almost no time at all.

Washer and Dryer Combos

Nowadays, you can get a washer and dryer combo that communicate with each other. After running a load, the laundry machine will send data to the dryer to select the optimal drying cycle. To accomplish this, manufacturers combine machine learning along with physical measurements, like weight and types of material. There are also models where the two are combined into a single unit so you don’t have to move clothes from one into the next.

These are just some of the advantages of newer models if you decide to upgrade from an aging unit. Just remember, the savings that you rack up can even offset the cost of a new appliance. All you have to do is research ahead of time to know which laundry machine is best for your household.

Top Energy Efficient Washers for your Household

Electrolux ELFW7537AT || Front-Loading || 4.5 Cu. Ft. || $999
Featuring the LuxCare Plus Wash System, this model is a good size for most situations while adding in modern cleaning solutions like steam cleaning. Throw in excellent energy efficiency, and you have a fantastic model for most homes. There’s also a 15-minute Fast Wash for emergency spot cleaning.

GE GTW720BSNWS || Top-Loading || 4.8 Cu. Ft. || $899
Big capacity doesn’t always mean having to pay big bucks. The spacious 4.8 cubic feet offered by this model should be plenty for most families. You also get a bevy of options despite the cheaper price tag, like 12 different cycles and a dedicated sanitizing mode.

Whirlpool WTW8127LW || Top-Loading || 5.2 Cu. Ft. || $1,299
If you want something with unique, modern features, the WTW8127LW could be for you. There’s a built-in dual temperature faucet for pretreating, and a removable agitator to swap cleaning methods. You’ll be able to customize your wash quickly between loads to accommodate for different fabrics.

Maytag MVWB965HC || Top-Loading || 6.0 Cu. Ft. || $1,399
For a truly spacious cleaning experience, the 6.0 cubic feet offered by this Maytag will help tackle the biggest of families. It also manages to be fairly energy and water efficient even though it’s quite large. If you do need extra water though, the deep fill option will give you more soaking power.

LG WM8900HBA || Front-Loading || 5.2 Cu. Ft. || $1,649
This LG is more expensive than others on this list, but you get what you pay for. If you need a smart-enabled washer with steam cleaning and a large capacity, this is one of the best you can get. The app lets you do things like remotely starting cycles or monitoring energy usage.


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