Positivity: Effects On Health

Do you ever catch yourself feeling down in the dumps? It’s natural to feel negative emotions during times of great stress, unfortunate events, and struggle. There are quotes plastered all over social media and frilly home décor telling you to smile more, to “live, laugh, love.” To a pessimist or even a realist, the power of positivity seems like a distant mirage they cannot completely grasp – if they believe it exists in the first place! The world is filled with misfortune and adversity, but on the dual side it’s filled with peace and harmony. What you decide to focus on determines the rhythm of your life. There is not a single person in the world who doesn’t have problems, even if it may not be apparent on the outside looking in. You possess a secret life inside of you, intimate parts of your emotions and thoughts the ones closest to you don’t even know about.

As a disclaimer, positivity doesn’t entail feigning fake happiness. Positivity is choosing to focus on the good rather than the bad, to be grateful and steadfast despite unfavorable situations or circumstances life may present you with. Besides creating a “feel-good” effect, what is the aftermath of practicing positivity? It can increase your health, beautify you, and improve your relationship with those around you.


1. Boosted Immunity
Your mind has an effect on your body, depending on the disposition you choose to hold. Researchers found that brain areas associated with negative emotions such as fear, anger, envy, or despair lead to a weak immune system.

2. Overall Wellness
Positive people usually cope better with stress and don’t spiral into unhealthy behaviors because they are focusing on the solution and positive aspects of a variety of situations. This type of response creates increased whole-body wellness.

3. Resilience
Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficulties and tough times. It has roots in Latin meaning to “spring-back.” Think of yourself like a fully loaded spring, your ability to bounce right back is key to overcoming obstacles in life. In bad situations, those who are able to bounce back and remain positive are the leaders and pathfinders of society.

4. Improved Heart Health
Research studies prove that those who hold a positive outlook in life are at a lower risk of cardiovascular disease. Heart health is linked to mental and emotional wellness.