Myth Busting: Weight Loss

Many myths and outright fairytales surround weight loss. The weight loss industry profits millions per year. Between weight loss supplements, plans, and diets – it is far too easy to get lost in the weight loss sauce. The rules are quite simple, but there are far too many misconceptions blocking out the simplicity of weight loss. Although it is simple, does not mean it is easy.

Far too often, weight loss hopefuls get sucked into the fast, quick, and easy weight loss plans promising optimal results that actually don’t last and do more damage than offering benefits to the individual.

Weight Loss Is 80% Diet 20% Exercise
This saying is often repeated in the health and fitness community. Sure, diet is extremely important but over emphasizing diet over exercise and being active is not beneficial.

The conclusion is, you should be incorporating exercise and activity in your weight loss strategy. It is especially true if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. When you are losing weight, you are both losing muscle and fat, to retain the muscle which adds definition and a sculpted look to your body you should exercise. You can do body weight exercises, weight lifting, or any other form of activity that activates your muscles.

You Must Partake In High-Intensity Exercises
In order to get the most out of your workout you should be sweating, panting, and on the verge of collapse! This statement is false. You do no need to overwork and stress your body to extreme levels. Partaking in light to moderate intensity exercises is more sustainable and just as effective.

Focus on adding activity throughout your day, so you don’t feel the need to overwork and stress your body at the gym.

Look For Results Only
Never consistently obsess over results. Trust the process. Weight loss can be an ongoing journey. Don’t be impatient with yourself. Start by conquering your behaviors and decisions that are resulting in weight gain. Overtime, your efforts will compound and you will see a completely different person months down the line. It’s a marathon not a sprint!