Lymphatic System: What Is It?

Lymph comes from Latin, it means “water.” Your lymphatic system is a large network of vessels from which lymphatic fluid drains from tissues into the blood. It is composed of six major organs: bone marrow, lymphoid organs, thymus, spleen, tonsils, and lymphatic tissue. Lymph is a clear fluid made of white blood cells, predominately lymphocytes. These cells attack bacteria in the blood. Lymph fluid is an infection fighting agent throughout the body.

They help maintain and protect your body’s fluid ecosystem. Lymph nodes are a vital part of protecting your body against infections. If your lymphatic system is not working as it should be, you can experience infection, cancer, and swelling in your tissue. Some of the common diseases related to the lymphatic system are cancer, Hodgkins disease, and lymphangitis.

The lymphatic system works hand in hand with the cardiovascular system. They are often referred to as the body’s two circulatory systems.

How To Improve Lymphatic Circulatory system:
1. Drink water:
The rule of thumb is 8 by 8, 8 cups filled with 8 ounces of water.

2. Exercise
Cardio and strength training can improve the health of your lymphatic system.

3. Shake it up
Step onto a vibration plate to give your system a boost.

4. Get a massage
There are special massages made specifically for your lymphatic system.

5. Eat Healthy
A clean and healthy diet is essential for a functional lymphatic system. Red foods such as beets, cherries, berries, and pomegranates naturally detoxify your body.