Intermittent Fasting: Which Method Is Right For You

If you’re looking to take your health and fitness results to the next level, intermittent fasting can be an excellent vehicle to transform how you look, perform, and feel.

Intermittent fasting involves cyclic periods of fasting and eating. Luckily, it is flexible enough to fit around your schedule and daily routine. That’s why so many people have been adopting intermittent fasting as a new method to slim down.

Again, intermittent fasting is not a diet. Rather, it’s an eating pattern. Throughout history, food has not been as readily available for consumption as it is now. On most street corners you will see fast food and in most buildings there’s at least a vending machine. With all of these amenities above, it’s a rarity to feel famished!

One popular method of intermittent fasting is the 5:2 method. It consists of eating very lightly for 2 days out of the 7-day week. Divide your calories by 3 or just stick to 500 to 600 calories per light day. Obviously, the days will vary week to week. Starting off, you wouldn’t want your light days to fall on your busiest days of the week.

The cut day method works like this: you pick certain hours during the day where you are consuming your meals, for the rest of the day you are fasting. So, you can eat from 12 to 8 and fast for hours outside of this period.

Try it for a week or two and you can keep a journal of the hours you eat and fast. Research studies have proven that intermittent fasting can result in 3% to 8% weight loss over a period of 3 to 4 weeks.

Analyze which method will be right for you. It will depend on your activity levels, responsibilities, and work life.