Indications You Are Not Eating Enough

Eating too much is a poor action towards your health, but so is not eating enough. Often times, we get stuck on the gluttonous aspect of eating habits. After all, the health and fitness industry is filled with diets and restrictions that cut out entire groups of food and limit caloric intake.

A sign you may not be eating enough is that you are obsessing over every food item you put in your mouth or micromanaging your caloric intake. There’s nothing wrong with being mindful of what you consume, but becoming too wrapped up in it is not good for your mental health. Not eating enough can affect you in many ways.

You’re Skipping Meals
If you’re not hungry it’s fine to skip a meal or if you are not a big breakfast person having something light is not an issue. When you are constantly skipping meals – it is a sign you are not getting enough caloric intake, especially when you are already at a healthy weight for your height.

You’re Always Tired
If you constantly feel groggy and sluggish this can be a sign you’re not eating enough. If coffee can’t save you either you need to increase your caloric intake. Food is fuel for the body, when you’re low on fuel your performance will suffer.

You’re Irritable
You’re ready to snap at a drop of a penny. You’re not yourself when you’re hungry. If you often cut calories you are going to be more irritable and snappier throughout the day. Hunger pains are a real thing. Don’t allow your relationships to suffer due to lack of proper food intake.

You Experience Feelings Of Depression
Feeling low and depressed is another sign you’re not eating enough. Not eating enough can increase your feelings of sensitivity and irritability which can worsen depression. There is a link between constant dieters and feelings of depression.