How To Stick To A Successful Routine

You can never achieve your health and fitness goals without a solid plan. Many people get excited to get started on creating their plan; after all, that’s the easy part. Sticking to your plan is the real challenge. What is the use of a plan if you do not follow through with it? Following through with a plan consists of creating a successful routine and system you can follow each day. The journey to actualizing your begins with one action at a time day after day. A successful routine is composed of successful habits.

Habit means a regular practice or tendency, particularly one that is hard to give up. Each habit you have will either take you further or closer to your goals. Your habits define your progression or regression in life. Don’t fret, it is easy to create successful habits with these tips below:

1. Take inventory of your routine
Take a step back and analyze your daily routine. Do you wake up and spend hours on social media before getting started with your day? Do you skip the gym to watch your favorite show? This takes being honest and nonjudgmental with yourself. Admit which habits are taking you closer or further from where you want to be.

2. All you have is today
If you wait for tomorrow, it probably will never happen. Live in the moment, all you have is today! If you messed up with your habits the day before, forgive yourself and do right in the moment. Everyone has bad days, but don’t let them turn into a repeat.

3. One habit at a time
You cannot do it all at once. Transformation takes time. A caterpillar stays in a cocoon for 5 to 21 days before it turns into a butterfly. Start with one healthy habit at a time; once you get it down add another.
4. Commit for 30 days
You can’t create a habit after a day or even a week. You need to be consistent for at least 3 to 4 weeks for it to become automatic and natural to you.

5. Remember why you started
When things get hard or you’re further into your journey; don’t lose sight of why you started. Remember what your end goal is and visualize it often. Create a vision board or reminders on your phone that can keep you focused. After all, the habit itself isn’t the focus – it’s the end result you’re after. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.