How To Retain Muscle While Losing Fat

Muscle and fat are two types of body tissue your body has. It can be tricky to lose fat while still holding on to the precious muscle mass you have worked hard to put on. If you are doing it wrong, you can lose your muscle at a faster rate than you lose your fat. Muscle is what gives the appearance of a toned and fit body. When an individual says they want to lose weight, what they typically want is to lose fat. Retaining muscle while losing fat is a mixture of exercise, diet, and good sleeping habits. Overall, it is a lifestyle change if you want to keep the results.

Slow & Steady Weight Loss:
Many diets recommend you to be at a caloric deficit. A caloric deficit will cause you to lose muscle at a quicker rate than stored fat in your body. With that information in mind, stay away from extreme low calorie diets. They can make you aesthetically look less toned and tight than you started. A moderate weight loss plan would average about a pound per week – this is generally a much safer and more sustainable method than extreme calorie cutting. Going at a slower weight loss rate will allow your body to retain muscle and steadily burn off the fat. You may desire to see results immediately but do not rush the process. Try as much as you can to delay gratification because the results will be much better.

Weights Are Your Friend:
Strength training is extremely beneficial in retaining muscle while losing fat. Do not just stick to cardio equipment. Many individuals make the mistake of doing strictly aerobic exercise to lose fat. Moderate strength training as a supplement to aerobic exercise can maximize your results. Don’t be afraid of the weights!