How To Recover After A Workout

Depending on what type of workout or exercise you do, your body can be extremely stressed upon completion. It is extremely important to take proper care of yourself after your workout session. Many people make the error of stepping out of the gym after an intense workout with little to no cool down or stretch. This can result in sore muscles, injury, fatigue, aches, and pains. It is best to take the proper measurement to ensure your safety and health post workout. Next time you finish a workout, you can incorporate any of these methods to your training routine.

1. Stretch
Many people stretch right before they begin their exercise sessions. It is equally as important to stretch after your workout has been completed. Your muscles will be warmed up and relaxed after you have performed various exercises and cardiovascular activity. This is a perfect opportunity to get a deep and effective stretch in.

2. Protein
Protein is very important after your workout. They are the building blocks of your muscles. If you are trying to increase your muscle mass while simultaneously cutting fat, protein is key after your workout. Don’t forget to grab a protein shake containing at least 20 grams of protein per serving. You don’t have to consume shakes; there are other high protein food sources you can have right after your workout.

3. Water
If your exercise routine is effective – you should be drenched in sweat when you are all done! To avoid your body from getting excessively dehydrated – drink a large glass of water right after your workout.

4. Down Time
After a while of consistently going to the gym – you should schedule in some much needed rest. You can try taking a week break from the gym after 8 to 10 weeks of consistent training. It will do your body wonders!