How To Improve Self-Discipline

The key to self-mastery is self-discipline. Self-mastery is defined as self-control. Without control of yourself, nothing great can ever be accomplished. With so many stimuli outside of oneself it is too easy to get distracted – in fact, it’s common these days to focus on everything except yourself. But if you want to reach new heights in the areas of your goals and dreams, allowing the rest of the world to melt away is crucial.

TV shows, movies, social media, and cell phones can be great distractions. The first battle towards improving self-discipline will be to overcome the temptations and time-wasting tendencies of these technologies that can either be utilized for your success or figurative demise.

1. No Phone Policy
You should have a few hours each day where you do not engage with your phone. Your phone has a wonderful feature named “Do Not Disturb.” Place your phone on this setting and you will be surprised by how much you can accomplish. The best time to utilize this setting is in the morning when you first awaken. It’s the best time to knock out the bulk of your work and utilize your creativity before your phone takes over.

2. Make A Plan
Don’t wait for free time to head to the gym. Instead, sit down in the beginning of the week with a planner or an agenda and pencil in the times and days you wish to workout. You are the creator of your life, that also means you can create times to complete the tasks that will move you towards your goals.

3. Push Yourself
You would be surprised by how much you can accomplish if you simply push yourself further and higher past the boundaries you’ve set in your mind. Most boundaries are mental and have been conditioned into us through childhood and early adolescence. Surprise yourself by running an extra mile, writing 1000 more words, or making 3 extra sales calls. Once you reach new levels, your regular goals will seem more than feasible.