Health Benefits of Almond Milk

In addition to being a wonderful dairy-free alternative to traditional milk, there are numerous health benefits that come along with almond milk consumption. Various brands and varieties of almond milk are available at most grocery stores. You can also make it at home by soaking, grinding and straining raw almonds.

One major benefit when comparing almond milk to traditional milk, is the reduced fat and calorie content. One cup of Silk Unsweetened Original milk has only 30 calories and 2.5g of fat, compared to one cup of whole milk which has 150 calories and 8g of fat. This is important for those on stricter calorie diets or who need maximum nutrition in the lowest calories possible.

Almonds themselves are one of the healthiest nuts in the world. With plentiful nutrients such as Vitamin E and riboflavin, it is hard to knock the nutritional value of almonds. While almond milk does not contain quite as many of nutrients found in whole almonds, the nutritional value remains more or less the same. Almond milk while low in fat, is high in protein and fiber as well as minerals and nutrients such as calcium, iron, magnesium and Vitamin C. When purchasing almond milk, it’s important to note that brands often fortify their milk to have higher levels of nutrients than the product might otherwise have. This is because most customers are looking for a true dairy alternative.

The consumption of almond milk is known to maintain the function of many vital organs. It’s consumption is linked to having a healthier heart, as well as maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Due to the lack of cholesterol and fat found in almond milk, it makes it a great choice when performing any sort of cardiovascular training.

The lower sugar content found in almond milk is important for controlling blood sugar levels. Any healthy diet has sugar in it, but excessive amounts can lead to unwanted health problems including obesity and diabetes. The healthy fat found in almond milk allows you to feel fuller longer which leaves little room to desire any excess sugar or carbohydrates.

Riboflavin, a form of Vitamin B, has been scientifically proven to work in conjunction with other minerals to promote stronger muscles. This suggests that bodybuilders and casual lifters alike will benefit from consuming almond milk. In addition, the calcium that almond milk provides promotes stronger bones, which is a necessity for any athlete or gym enthusiast.

It is also suggested that almond milk can improve your immune system. Because of the nutrients and minerals it contains, it can play an important role in strengthening and maintaining a healthy immune system. This allows for a decreased risk of disease and health issues.

As you can see, there are a number of health benefits with consuming almond milk. With all the nutrients and minerals it contains, almond milk is hard to beat. From a healthier heart to a stronger overall body, almond milk is a great choice for anyone wanting to steer clear of dairy or who simply wants another healthy alternative.