Fantastic Deals On Cruises You Need To See

As society returns to normal after the past few years, people are ready to start taking vacations again. Of course, this means the cruise industry is scrambling to get travelers out on the ocean. It’s been a year of inactivity for them in 2021, so there are tons of savings to attract potential customers. With so many different options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming to figure out the best value. If you read ahead though, you can use this list of outstanding deals for your next cruise.

MSC Cruises – 4 Nights from USA to the Bahamas

It’s always good to have options, and this four-night round-trip cruise to two islands in the Caribbean has multiple ways to save. Prices are already good since they start at £149 a head, but then you also get spending credit and the option for children cruising for free. Add on free wi-fi plus drinks, and you have a very attractive package for any family.

MSC Cruises – Overnight from Genoa to Barcelona

Even if you weren’t originally thinking of a cruise, there are ways to add that experience to your vacation. For example, you can take a short boat trip from Genoa to Barcelona if you’re planning to be in Europe. Prices start at £69, so you’ll pay around the same or even more for a train ticket. If you’re going to travel between countries anyway, why not do it in luxury and style?

MSC Cruises – 2 Nights from UK to Guernsey

Then again, a short cruise doesn’t have to be a one-night jaunt between cities. The MSC Magnifica gives you a two-night round trip of relaxation between the United Kingdom and the island of Guernsey. That’s enough time to take advantage of the included meals, room service, and everything else included with your ticket. Starting at £159 a person, sometimes a quick break from life is all you need.

MSC Cruises – 7 Nights in the Mediterranean

If you want something a bit more substantial with a lot of sights to see, an extended voyage around France and Italy would be the experience of a lifetime. Like with the other MSC cruises listed so far, you get free wi-fi and drinks. That’s a lot of value for a weeklong vacation, especially for £239 and up. Between the starting port of Genoa and the end in Rome, there are three other stops for all sorts of excursions and activities.

Princess Cruises – 3 Nights in the Pacific

If you are taking a trip up to or back from Canada, the Ruby Princess could be a good choice. The ship sails from California to Vancouver or vice-versa as a one-way trip, with a stop in Victoria in the middle. Tickets start at £329 and come with drinks, wi-fi, room upgrades, and specialty dining.

Princess Cruises – 2 Nights in Australia

For travelers who are adventuring down under, the Coral Princess offers a relatively cheap way to get from Sydney to Brisbane. A bus ticket on average is around £119, which happens to be the starting price for a 2-night cruise.

Cunard Line – 2 Nights from UK to Hamburg

Cunard has a reputation for elegant luxury, having been in business since the mid-19th century. The Queen Victoria is a bit pricier than many of the other options on this list, as the prices start at £299 a person. However, you get a lot for your dollar, so it’s not like you are wasting money. With seven restaurants and thirteen bars on board along with other entertainment facilities, there will be plenty to do during this one-way trip to Germany.

Royal Caribbean – 2 Nights from Singapore to Bintan Island

Bintan Island is known for having beautiful beaches, and a relaxing cruise from Singapore is a fantastic way to experience its beauty. Tickets start at £234 per person for this round trip, which arrives on the island in the morning before departing again at night.

Royal Caribbean – 4 Nights from Texas to Cozumel

Galveston already offers a lot for travelers, but adding a four-night round trip to Mexico will enhance your vacation. Multiple ships by Royal Caribbean make this journey to Cozumel, adding plenty of flexibility for any time of the year. At £161 and up, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth of experiences on this trip.


There are a multitude of options if you are currently planning a future vacation. With the cruise industry swinging back into full gear, there are beautiful locations all over the world that can be experienced with a single ticket. Since all of these companies are trying to bounce back from 2020 and 2021, they are offering excellent prices you can take advantage of. Like with any other purchase, do your research ahead of time, and always read the fine print. Also remember to compare different packages to see which voyage would best fit what you are looking for.

Keep in mind that it’s unlikely that these low prices will continue forever. All of us could use a vacation in 2023, so be sure to book your trip before prices return to normal.


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