Emotional Health: Responses & Reactions

Life is filled with endless decisions on a daily basis. What to eat, where to go out, which shampoo to choose, what app to download. It seems as though you are bombarded with decisions constantly. So, what is the system in which you base your decision-making process off of and how effective is it to create the life you desire? Some decisions are more serious than others, but they all accumulate and shape your current reality.


Say your health goal is to lose 5 pounds in 3 months. Your decisions will most likely be the determining factor between your success or your failure in this endeavor. That’s why it is so important to make decisions based off of logical reasoning rather than reactive emotions.

Emotions are commonly referred to as “energy in motion.” At times, it may seem as though your mind and heart are at odds.

1. Pause the moment
It’s vital to pause the moment and let yourself sink into the emotion and observe it. It’s vital to delay the time between your emotional response and your action-taking or decision-making instincts. When an emotion first springs up, it’s extremely powerful but it’s power wanes as time passes so you’re able to think more clearly.

2. Need vs Want
Companies spend millions of dollars advertising to us “consumers” because they know majority of Americans base their spending off of emotion. Determine what you need vs what you want. What you need is a necessity that will take you further in life, while what you want is a desire usually stemming from your subconscious.

3. Meditate
Meditation is an excellent way to increase calmness and serenity. Take 20 minutes per day to sit in silence and breath deeply as you observe all emotions that come. Make this a daily practice and you will notice changes in how you respond to situations.