Easy Weight Loss & Health Tips

Winter time is here. Winter is filled with joyous holidays and merry times for many parts of the world. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year all fall a few steps from each other! With the pleasant gatherings and festivities come many tempting foods that aren’t the best choices for your body. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself from time to time. You shouldn’t make it a daily habit to indulge, especially if you have lofty goals to reach. In general, the winter time is less active than the summer time – so you must take that into consideration. Low activity levels and bad food choices can lead into a downward spiral. You could undo the work you’ve done getting shredded for summer time! Stay consistent and determined – that is how you will see the change and transformation you desire.


Here are a few tips to incorporate into your health and fitness routine that can make a difference. The tips may seem small, but Rome was not built in a day! These small changes practiced consistently lead to success.

1. Lemon Water
Lemon water is very refreshing for your body. Lemons contain citric acid which can improve your digestion. A well-balanced gut and healthy digestion are key to feeling good and debloated. Don’t add too much lemon into your water – too much can be harmful. Squeeze half a lemon into a standard cup of water.

2. Walk Daily
Walking in nature can improve your memory, mood, and energy levels. All you need is a 20-minute walk on a daily basis to see changes in your physical and mental health. Weight loss is just one benefit of a daily walk.

3. Be Grateful
Research studies prove that a positive outlook and attitude in life can create a stronger immune system and increase your overall health. Each of us face adversity in our lives – it’s unavoidable. The goal is maintaining your attitude regardless of what life throws at you. An attitude of positivity and gratitude doesn’t happen overnight – be persistent.

Tips to increase positivity and gratitude:
– Thank someone that has made a big difference in your life, tell them about it
– Write down 10 things you’re grateful for in the morning when you wake up
– Think about all the great moments, opportunities, and resources you’ve been blessed with and will be blessed with

4. Small Bowls & Plates
Many of us don’t pay attention to how much we are eating. Actually, we could be overeating without even realizing it. Individuals eat more food when they’re in bigger plates and bowls. Swap out big plates and bowls for smaller options for an easy fix.