Do Fat Burners Work?

There are many different types of supplements available on the market. One of the most popular supplements available are fat burners. What exactly are fat burners? Currently, there is an array of fat burners on the market promising speedy results and accelerated fat loss. Do they really work? Fat burners promise an accelerated metabolism, low appetite, and a higher number of calories burned throughout the day. Often times, fat burners have a better effect when they’re paired with consistent exercise and a healthy diet. So, what’s the science behind these little promising pills?

Many fat burners operate by increasing the temperature of your core. Fat burners are better used on top of a healthy diet and workout routine. Fat burners shouldn’t be paired with other stimulants such as coffee. That can cause an increase of heart rate of dangerous levels.

How does fat work?
Besides being a pesky obstacle getting in the way of your beach body – fat plays many roles for your body. Fat is found underneath your skin. Men tend to carry fat in their abdomen, buttocks, and chest. Women tend to carry fat in their hips, waist, and breasts. When you eat foods high in fat, more fat cells are stored. Their purpose is to store energy for you. If you’re overweight, you are storing more fat than you are actually using. When you go into a caloric defect, your forcing your body to use its fat reserves.

There’s nothing wrong with using a bit of assistance on your weight loss journey. Some of the prominent ingredients in fat burners are caffeine, green tea, chromium, turmeric, and raspberry ketones. Many fat burners work by heating up the fat cells to burn fat. Others work by increasing the rate of your metabolism. Your excess fat leaves through perspiration or through your lungs.

Always ask your doctor before starting on a new supplement – especially if you have a previous history of a heart condition. Overall, the right fat burning supplement can be the key to kick start your stubborn fat loss journey when it’s coupled with good diet and regular exercise.