Define and Toned 101

Plastered all over advertisement print and social media screens, are tanned, chiseled, and toned bodies. You may find yourself patting the fluffy protruding creature above your midsection. A toned body is a sign of good health, vitality, and vivaciousness.

It goes beyond just simple aesthetics; it is a symbol of discipline and consistency. Do not be tempted to assume these results can occur overnight, they take time and patience. A truly sustainable transformation is not pressured by a deadline.

The key term “toned” implies defined and visible muscle and a lower fat composition. One key item to keep in mind is that you cannot spot reduce fat. You must lose fat all over the body in order to appear more toned, this consists of a combination of diet and exercise.

It is a very simple formula to achieve a toned body.
Muscle – fat = toned
Muscle + fat = flabby

Therefore, you want to decrease fat and increase muscle.

Don’t Skip Cardio
Please, do not skim over your cardiovascular activity. You don’t need to be on the treadmill for an hour. You can increase the steps you take during the day. You can partake in your favorite types of activities – whether it’s dancing, swimming, playing tennis, or going for a run. Aim to achieve 20 to 40 minutes of cardio per day at least 3 times per week.

Caloric Deficit
Caloric deficit = consuming less + burning more.

You can do as much exercises you want, unless you are at a caloric deficit you will not be achieving the fat loss you want. visceral fat, fat stored within abdominal cavity, has everything to do with diet.

There are many ways to calculate your caloric deficit online or apps on your phone.

Get Enough Sleep
When you are putting your body through the stress of exercise and caloric restriction, it will need rest. To aim for at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Studies show that insufficient sleep is associated with obesity and a tendency to be overweight due to increased hunger which results in higher caloric intake.