How to Start a Career in Cyber Security

If you’ve thought about getting a job in technology, why not Cybersecurity? Positions in the field are in very high demand, and jobs pay well on top of that.

While you might think you need a degree to get a job in the sector, that isn’t always the case. You can get the required skills from online classes, certifications, or bootcamps. That way, you can get started on your future without having to shell out for an expensive four-year college.

Why consider Cybersecurity:
Part of the reason the industry is booming is because almost everyone’s lives are online now. That includes businesses both big and small, and having strong cyber security practices are paramount to being protected.
Almost everyone has heard of at least a couple horror stories where criminals wreak havoc with personal information. Hiring cybersecurity specialists has become a necessity all over the United States. That means you can take advantage by getting certified and landing one of those positions yourself

Some of these positions includes being experts in:
• Malware
• Application Security
• Information Security
• Network Security
• Digital Forensics
• Analysis
• Penetration Testing
These are just some of the skills that are expected of professionals in the field.

Many Jobs Available:

Due to the reasons listed above, jobs in cybersecurity will continue to grow into the future. That means lots of opportunities waiting for someone who wants to make a career change. Businesses need to protect themselves from digital threats and other attacks.

An Ever-Evolving Job:

Just like how anti-viruses need updates to battle new forms of malware, a cybersecurity specialist needs to be able to grow with the position. Attackers and hackers are constantly thinking of new methods, and it’s up to the professionals to keep them at bay. That means a lifetime of learning will keep things from getting boring. If you want a career where you can flex your problem solving and critical thinking skills, cyber security could be for you.

How To Get Started:

Higher jobs in the field will require a traditional degree. However, entry-level positions will have more relaxed requirements. In some cases, having certifications will get you a long way without having a bachelor’s. There are plenty of online resources, classes, and bootcamps where you can dip your toes in from your home computer.
Something to consider is that many people who work in cybersecurity nowadays didn’t specialize in it at first. Instead, they started in IT or network administration first. If you do want to eventually work as a cybersecurity specialist, you could take a similar path and find a job in general IT to start off with. That way, you’ll have work experience to show potential employers once you are ready to make the change.

Why Cybersecurity Could Be for You:

Cybersecurity is an ever-changing, fast-paced world where you need to think on your feet. If that sounds exciting to you, a job in the field would be perfect. Always being in demand and the ability to land high-earning jobs is just icing on the cake. Whether you’re already an IT professional looking for something new or someone who wants a complete career change, Cybersecurity is a fantastic option.


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