Benefits Of Yoga

Stretching is amazing for your body. The best time to stretch is in the morning and evening. You make it a point to not overlook your work-out and eating clean, but what of your stretching?

Yoga may seem popular amongst the dwellers of suburbia and avid gym-goers. It was actually developed by a civilization in India nearly 5,000 years ago. Yoga actually stemmed as a spiritual discipline that focuses on fusing the mind and body.

There are 5 distinct types of yoga such as:
– Bikram Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa yoga, Kundalini yoga, and Anusara yoga

For example, if you desire to be more flexible Ashtanga yoga make be better for you as you flow from one pose to another. If you desire to strengthen your nervous system and creativity, kundalini yoga is right for you. It’s best to sample each yoga type to better determine your preference and get a better understanding of the range of movements.

Morning is an optimal time to perform yoga or early in the evening.

Yoga can improve your strength balance and flexibility. It’s also an excellent way to destress and manage the pressures of a busy schedule. It’s a great way to connect with a community of conscious and proactive people all over the world.

You can start by performing yoga up to 3 times per week ranging anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour. There is no time constraint, fit in what you can.

Tips To Avoid:
– If you are feeling ill or unwell, take a break from yoga
– Wait before performing yoga after consuming food
– Women should avoid yoga during their menstrual cycle
– If you injured a body part, be sure it has been given time to heal before performing yoga