App and UX Designers Are In High Demand

If you’ve always wanted to get into app design, now is the perfect time to do it. With such high demand for programmers, it’s easier than ever to get started from home.

What Does a UX Designer Do?

The job of a UX designer is to ensure that customers have a good experience when interacting with a website or a service. In this context, that would mean being able to use and enjoy an app. It is the designer’s job to create something that is not only functional, but is also very accessible, pleasing, and intuitive to use. This requires being in tune with multiple factors, such as market research, current technology, and also psychology. Once you complete classes, you’ll be able use everything you’ve learned to craft something that users can truly appreciate.

5 Reasons to Get Into UX Design

1. Job Growth

As previously mentioned, companies are scrambling to develop and put out their own apps. With people using their smartphones more and more, it has become the prime way to reach out and interact with customers. Because there a lot of different options in the market, it’s important for a UX designer to craft a good experience. That way, the company will be able to retain users instead of them trying something else.

For those reasons, it’s projected that industrial UX design will see a 3% growth in jobs every year until 2028. Deciding to go down this path will equate to a blanket of job security thanks to high demand.

2. High Average Income

On average, a UX designer can expect to bring home around $90,000 every year. That’s just the average though, so you’ll be able to increase that amount through self-improvement and being good at your job. On top of that, this is a position that allows you to work from home in many cases since it’s very remote-friendly.

3. Gain a Balanced Skillset

Thanks to the nature of the job, you’ll end up acquiring many skills in the process. Being a successful UX designer means combining different facets, as the design process involves:

• Research
Being able to research solutions on your own is important as you seek to fulfill both the needs of the user and the business.
• Ideation
Forming ideas on how to tackle issues is at the core of UX design.
• Prototyping
Creating a prototype of your potential solution is the next step.
• Testing

The finale is to verify your prototype works as intended.

In order to go through this process, you will nurture skills like UI design, communication, use of color theory, and empathy. These are aspects that will even be useful if you end up wanting to try other things.

4. Business Growth

No matter what or how a company is doing, user experience is incredibly important for growth. When a customer has a good experience, they are likely to stay with a service and also recommend it to people they know.

Because of that, a skilled UX designer will directly influence a business’ growth. As an example, making sure it’s easy for customers to find products in a store app will directly translate to more purchases. Things like that makes designers an invaluable asset to the team.

5. Blend Creativity Into Logic

For some, the clinical nature of coding puts them off from working in the tech industry. UX design is different in that you also need to be able to flex your creative juices. As a result, you end up having to think past the code and about how the product feels to use rather than just raw results.

What Are The Qualifications Of A UX Designer?
At it’s base, a UX designer needs to have a background in coding, computer logic, and being able to use industry standard software. Because you work with customers, strong people skills are also a plus.

Getting a bachelor’s degree in a tech-related field is an excellent start, but there are also other options. UX design bootcamps will help build the foundation you need to start getting jobs. As you build your abilities and work experience, you’ll be able to pull in more money.

If you are truly committed to the field though, a degree will definitely be ideal. Many top employers will be looking to hire people with one, so investing in an online degree program will benefit your future. This will let you take classes from home at your own convenience. As a plus, they are often cheaper and take less time than a traditional four-year college.

Final Word

UX design is a career that can be very fulfilling. However, there’s a lot more to it than can be covered in a single article. There are plenty of resources out there if you are interested in learning more. That way, you can make an informed decision on whether or not you want app design to be your future.


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