4 Ways To Stay Motivated

Sometimes, it can feel really hard to lace up your sneakers and go to the gym. On other days, it may be very easy. We all struggle from time to time to find the inspiration and motivation to get the workout of the day done. Discipline does play a huge role in acting on and following through with actions that will benefit you. Motivation comes from the Latin word movere, which means “to move.” All you need to do is get moving!

Luckily, you can deploy these methods and tips below to increase your motivation and get you moving to complete your workout.


1. Create inspiration
Don’t just wait for inspiration to strike. If you are a visual person, place posters and pictures around your space to remind you of what you are going to achieve.

2. Role models
Seek out individuals who have already reached the levels of success that you wish to reach. The internet has made it easy to seek out virtually anyone at any fitness level and build! Find someone who inspires you, listen and watch them on your hard days.

3. Vision board
Create a vision board of your goals. Vision boards can help you get clear on your focus, goals, and motives. Often times, you struggle to follow through with actions because you don’t really have a clear direction. Be clear on what you want to achieve, create actions that will pave the road to your success.

4. Make a list
Make a list of what goal you want to achieve and why. Write about how you will feel when you accomplish this goal and what does it mean for you. Tuck this paper away once you write it, pull it out and read it on the difficult days.