4 Reasons To Give Up Alcohol

Friday has finally arrived, a few friends have invited you out for a night on the town to start the weekend off. You might not think twice about spending the night going out and drinking with your friends, but you should consider cutting out excessive or routine drinking from your life for a multitude of reasons. Have you ever thought of what health implications drinking may have on your mind and body in the long run? According to the American Addiction Center, “In the United States, nearly 14 million adults abuse alcohol or have an alcoholism problem and several million more partake in risky alcohol consumption that could lead to abuse.” Consider the 4 reasons below before you purchase a drink.


Reason 1: Emotional Instability
Alcohol is classified as a depressant. Depressants lower activity in the brain due to higher neurotransmission levels. It can throw off the brain’s chemical balance. Routine drinking lowers serotonin – the “happy chemical” – in the brain, this could lead to depression. Research shows alcohol consumption causes increased impulsivity and irresponsible behavior. In extreme cases, individuals may use alcohol to cope. Alcohol can really skew your judgement of a situation by narrowing your perception.

Reason 2: Weight Gain
Alcohol increases your cravings and stimulates excessive eating. Many people will settle for low-quality fast food from a drive thru after a night of drinking. Mixed drinks that have fruit juices are high in sugar – your waistline will take a hit. If you do want to drink, try to avoid mixers. Go for the pure form.

Reason 3: Accelerate Aging
Alcohol is harmful for your body’s inward and outward health. It dehydrates your body; hydration Is key for youthful and luminous skin. Alcohol accelerates the aging process by inducing puffy eyes, wrinkles, skin dryness, and more. If you want to remain looking young and vibrant, it’s best not to drink often.

Reason 4: Immune System Destruction
Alcohol is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a Group 1 carcinogen. It releases harmful toxins into the body that can damage your DNA and proteins. Additionally, researchers linked alcohol to increased risk of liver, colon, and rectum cancer.