3 Biggest Fat Loss Mistakes

There are many ways to do fat loss right – but there are just as many, if not more, ways to go about fat loss the wrong way! It can be tricky to judge which method is right or wrong. Especially with such an influx of information we are given this day and age, how do you sift through what is accurate and what is a farce? Here are some of the most common fat loss mistakes individuals make. Your goal shouldn’t be weight loss, it should be fat loss. You can lose weight but some of that could be muscle, which is what will give you the appearance of looking tight and toned.


1. Checking the scale
The scale is only a small indicator of how your fat loss journey is going. Your weight includes fat and muscle. Obsessively checking the scale can be extremely damaging for your mindset. Women often fluctuate weight more than men due to their hormones, so the scale is not a great indicator. You could be losing fat but holding on to water, that’s what the scale doesn’t tell you.

Tip: rather than weigh yourself repeatedly, take measurements of yourself instead and check in and record them once a week.

2. Eating too little or too many calories
Often times, we are not aware of the amount of food we intake. It’s not healthy to obsessively track calories, but you should be aware of how much is going into your body. Decreasing your caloric intake too much can lead to muscle loss and slow your metabolism down. Eating too much will take you further from your goals. Calorie needs very from person to person and their lifestyle type.

Tip: keep a food journal of what you eat at what times to give you a better idea of how much you’re consuming.

3. Going fat free
Many products at the store boast their fat free qualities. Low fat products have been shown to make you feel hungrier, which can lead you to eat more and more. Healthy fats help keep you satiated.

Tip: include healthy fats into your diet such as avocados, eggs, olive oil, nuts, and cheese.