3 Benefits Of The Pescatarian Diet

There are many different types of diets such as keto, vegan, and vegetarian. Have you heard of the pescatarian diet? The pescatarian diet has been around for many years. Pescatarians commonly practice consuming seafood as the only source of meat in a predominantly vegetarian diet. If you are not a big fan of seafood, this diet may not be for you. Common seafood consumed on the pescatarian diet includes salmon, sardines, shrimp, cod, and much more! Pescatarians are very plant based. The two food groups emphasized are seafood and plants. Remember, you don’t want to have too much fish because it contains high amount of mercury which can be determinantal to your health. Moderation is key.


1. Lower obesity rates
Individuals who consistently follow the pescatarian diet have lower rates of obesity than non-pescatarian individuals. Since their main source of protein comes from seafood which is typically less calorie dense than red meat and chicken, it is easier to maintain a leaner build.

2. Reduced bodily inflammation
Inflammation within your body is extremely harmful. It can cause bloating, irritation, and disease. Some diseases that can occur from inflammation include cancer and diabetes. Various studies have shown that the pescatarian diet can protect you from these ailments because it is plant based.

3. Sustainability
The pescatarian diet is much more sustainable than other options such as vegan or vegetarian. The inclusion of seafood-based protein can make up for a lot of nutrients missed in the vegan or vegetarian diet which is void of all animal protein.

So, here are various foods and food groups you can consume on the pescatarian diet:
– tuna
– shrimp
– catfish
– scallops
– dairy
– fruit
– vegetables
– whole grains
– legumes
– nuts